Amy Benson
Логан лежит на дне залива и по-прежнему очень старается не волноваться (с)
May the tropes be ever in your favor.

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"Без надежды, без свидетелей, без награды".
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every episode of victoria series 2

Amy Benson
Логан лежит на дне залива и по-прежнему очень старается не волноваться (с)
victoria: so this situation is happening and i have some thoughts about it
peel: your majesty we have talked about your thoughts
peel: i thought we agreed you were going to stop having them
victoria: i think i should do the thing
peel: your majesty it would be highly inadvisable to do the thing
victoria: watch me
victoria: albert do you think i should do the thing
albert: i'm too busy thinking about sewers or helmets or something else improving this episode, victoria
victoria: you never support me
albert: look at my helmet designs
albert: peel likes them, victoria
albert: we're bros
victoria: the dog is sleeping in the bed tonight. you're not
skerret: remember when we had a romance
francatelli: remember when we had a storyline
brodie: does anyone even know my name
duchess of kent: i just wish i could be controlling and problematic again
penge: she doesn't even GO here
ernest: aha, all the ladies love me
ernest: i am such a cad
ernest: (whispers) with deep seated hidden vulnerabilities
ernest: (whispers) and possibly the clap
ernest: i need a drink
victoria: so i did the thing
peel: the thing i told you not to do, okay
victoria: it did not go well
peel: i don't know why i'm even surprised at this point
duchess of buccleuch: tell cersei. i want her to know it was me
duchess of buccleuch: whoops wrong show
duchess of buccleuch: who cares, i'm diana rigg
duchess of buccleuch: i'm a national treasure
lord alfred: *hearteyes*
drummond: *hearteyes*
lord alfred: (whispers) don't be gay don't be gay
lord alfred: so how are you my fine heterosexual friend
drummond: still engaged
lord alfred: RUDE
victoria: so it seems the situation has resolved itself all thanks to me
peel: this is not historically accurate your majesty
victoria: you're my least favourite prime minister
peel: just wait til you meet gladstone
victoria: so i'm pregnant again
albert: well i did not see that coming
albert: how did lots of sex and no birth control lead to this


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"Виктория" предфинальная

Amy Benson
Логан лежит на дне залива и по-прежнему очень старается не волноваться (с)
От "почему рыжих мальчиков двое" до сюда за полтора месяца. Ха!

Онгоинги - зло.
За неделю набегает хэдканон, и вопреки всему пытаешься как-то его зафиксировать, пока он не канул в небытие.
А потом снова.
И снова.

Сижу по уши в хайпе, вся такая постироничная.

Спойлеры финала?

И гифки напоследок.

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